Mechanical & Electrical Installation:

Glass & façade installation and rectification

Glass & façade Cleaning

Sealant Work

Lighting installation

Glass repair: removal and installation

Fabrication and installation of metal works

Rigging and lifting

Aviation light installation and repair works

LED light installation

Fireworks system installation

Rope Access System installation

Fall Arrest System installation

Work platform netting and work platform decking

Silo maintenance


Welding services

Wind turbines


Blasting and Painting:

Sand blasting & spray painting
UHP water jetting
Low- and high-pressure water cleaning
Mechanical surface preparation
Oil and grease removal
Corrosion repair
Paint application
Maintenance coatings

Confined space

Rig Related Inspection:
Dropped Object Survey

Cable pulling & laying

Bridge racker installation

Derrick building

Safety man winch installation

Sewage line removal & installation

Anode Installation
Anode inspection
Bolt Inspection Tightness and Tensioning

General Inspection:
Risk Based Inspection / Asset Inspection
Coating Inspection
Welding Inspection
Remote Controlled Inspection (CCTV)
Dropped Object

Flare Stack Inspection:
Visual & Integrity Survey
Verticality Surveys
Coating inspection

Onshore and Offshore Inspection:
Integrity inspection of structures (Jetty, Bridges, etc.)
Corrosion Monitoring & Mapping
Welding Inspection
Coating inspection
Offshore Crane Inspection

Lifting gear inspection

Conventional Non-Destructive Testing:
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (Manual)
Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection (UT)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)
Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT)
Visual Inspection
X-ray/Gamma ray Radiographic Testing
Preheating and Post weld Heat Treatment
Close Visual Inspection
Video and Photographic Surveys
Radiographic Film Digitization

Specialized Non-Destructive Testing:
A, B & C Scan
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
Time of Flight Diffraction
Alternating Current Field Measurement Inspection