When it comes to working at height or difficult to reach areas, nothing beats rope access performing maintenance, repair, inspection and installations.

Established in response to specific need in the inspection and maintenance of offshore oil platforms, rope access started with offshore operations and was later applied to onshore operations.

Rope access makes difficult to reach areas accessible in a time saving and efficient manner without the use of scaffold.

It is a skilled technique where rope and specialized hardware are used for working at height. In contrast to conventional methods, rope access makes it possible to access heights reducing materials and labor becoming a rope access technicians involves rigorous standards and tough assessments to ensure full preparation for working safely and efficiently at height. Little wonder it is recognized as the safest method of job execution. Incidents or dangerous occurrences.

To ensure a safe system of work is always maintained whilst avoiding damage to property or harm to the environment, careful planning and documented risk assessment are undertaken for each operation. Risk assessment aims at identifying and analyzing potential events that may negatively impacts operation.

Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness.

Rope access equipment

This is otherwise referred to as kit. Technicians must understand the equipment, its technical applications and corresponding safety awareness. It is important to regularly inspect, maintain and replace kits when necessary. Rope access is reliant on equipment, both in executing the job effectively and remaining safe whilst doing so.

Ascenders allows the technicians to ascend the ropes. It slides along the rope whilst unloaded but locks into place when weight is applied.

  • Descenders as the name implies, allows the technicians descend at a controlled rate.
  • Lanyards are used in conjunction to link a harness to an anchor. It is the most common type of fall arrest system designed to reduce the force on the body in event of a fall.
  • Harness provides attachment points
  • Helmet is an essential safety gear in rope access. It protects the technicians against falling debris or other bumps to the head.
  • Ropes: without “Ropes”, rope access will be incomplete. Ropes used for rope access are designed to be extremely strong, flexible and light weight. Emphatically, all equipment used for rope access services must be the thoroughly inspected before use.

Rope Access has been applauded for its many benefits to job execution. The benefits include:

  • Limited Impact on Operations

Compared to other methods used in working at height, Rope Access requires much less time for setup and tear down. Technicians gain quick access to the problem with the aim of eliminating it.

  • Cost Effective

Using the rope access technique saves cost and at the same time gives you value for your money. It provides a quick and efficient means to perform maintenance and installation. Getting heavy equipment as an alternative to working at height could be time and money consuming and at the same time disrupt normal work activities in the environment. When a plant or a building is shut down for repairs or maintenance, money and man hour are often wasted. Rope Access understands the principle of “Time is Money” and is designed to reduce cost whilst getting the job done.

  • Undisruptive Operations

Because of the set-up-and-go nature of rope access, the work involves a minimal amount of disruption. The absence of heavy weight equipment at ground level as alternative method eliminates the possibility of encroaching upon public areas and entrances. This means that technicians have no impact on the day-to-day lives of the people in and around the building.

Also, the lightweight and flexibility of rope access reduces the risk of damages to a building’s exterior and removes the need for an ugly façade of scaffolding.

Do you need to carry out installations or welding at height? Or do you want to carry out maintenance or repair works on high rise buildings? Our team comprises of highly experienced IRATA certified level 1, 2 and 3 rope access technicians competent in the application of all maintenance, repair & inspection at height.

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